dscout works with the Cobalt Core researchers to discover where vulnerabilities may lie, where the dragons are. Find your dragons with Cobalt.

Cobalt Makes Pen Testing Fun for dscout

The world’s largest tech, retail, and consulting companies use dscout's SaaS to scale and simplify research initiatives. As users capture their valuable moment-to-moment experiences, it’s important for dscout to maintain a high level of security in their platform and protect user data.

dscout’s application environments include web applications, extensive APIs, and mobile applications that span both iOS and Android. They needed a solution that can handle its diverse applications, deliver a full stack test, as well as one that can immediately show a positive ROI/value to justify the security spend.

dscout’s search for a modern SaaS security solution eventually led them to Cobalt’s Pen Testing as a Service offering. Like dscout, Cobalt uses a crowdsourced network of pen testers, a business model that both companies understand very well. 

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A preview of a few key benefits mentioned: 

  • Agile Testing
  • SDLC Alignment
  • Actionable Data
  • Creativity and Collaboration

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