Get insights on how crowdsourced pentesting can empower secure software

If you are responsible for application security, you need to understand how to prevent attacks by testing for weaknesses that leave your business exposed and at risk.

Whether you align your pentesting with major feature releases or using them as periodic checkups, you can discover what kinds of vulnerabilities have slipped through your development process. Use a pentest to find vulnerabilities, reduce risk, and provide feedback for developers.

The emergence of crowdsourced pentesting, fueled by data and technology, has incited a new wave of change in the application security industry. This 6-part book will clearly help you:

  • Dive into how a crowdsourced pentest works
  • Explore how crowdsourced pentesting works with your agile SDLC
  • Examine how talent is evaluated
  • Compare the crowdsourced pentesting platform to other security testing options out there
  • Walk away with valuable references for further study

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Crowdsourced Pentesting for Dummies

Dive into this disruptive new model, and learn how it can better your application's security.

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