Algolia's frustration with traditional black box pen testing models in which they had little impact on led them to search for a better pen testing solution.

How Algolia Increases Security Without Slowing Development

Algolia is hosted search solution that provides a search api for its customers. Its customers assume and expect that the data that they provide is going to be protect at all costs. As an agile tech company, Algolia, needed a solution that would increase the security without impacting the development process or the customer in the end. 

Adam Surak, Director of Infrastructure at Algolia, and his team were looking for a program that fit their vision of what a pen test should look like and that search eventually led them to Cobalt’s Pen Testing as a Service offering.  

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Explore a few key points that Adam touches upon in this video:

  • Universal demand from the company for pen testing 
  • Communication efficiencies
  • Integrate with agile SDLC

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