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Humans of InfoSec Episode 73: The Impact of Communications in InfoSec & Privacy

Humans of InfoSec Episode 73: The Impact of Communications in InfoSec & Privacy

Zenobia Godschalk — SVP of Communications at Hedera Hashgraph, and Founder and CEO of ZAG Communications — shares how a passion for PR, tech, and privacy has shaped her career. From handling comms around cloud computing, to investor relations in InfoSec, and now spearheading awareness around distributed ledger technology, she shares helpful tips on how to build a flexible career in the world of tech, how to talk about security breaches, and what identity management could look like in the future.

Episode 85: The CISO Whisperer | Yael Nagler

Carving an unconventional path towards information security, Yael advises many a CISO, CIO and CRO. Leadership roles at BlackRock and JPMorgan during periods of crisis and growth have given her a unique technical and business perspective — instead of saying “Here’s why that won’t work.”, she asks “But what if we tried this?” In this episode you’ll learn more about Yael’s story, why she started Yass Partners, and how security teams can approach new situations with equal parts established processes and creative thinking.
Mar 23, 2023

Episode 84: How to Grow and Excel as a Team Leader in InfoSec | Tia Hopkins

Whether you're stepping into your first managerial role, or you're about to inherit a fully formed team, you might be facing self-doubt and uncertainty. Security veteran Tia Hopkins — Chief Cyber Resilience Officer and Field CTO at eSentire, adjunct professor, LinkedIn instructor — shares with Caroline how to overcome impostor syndrome as you progress, how to connect with your team, and how to set them up for success so well, others want to join.
Mar 10, 2023

Episode 83: Building Security Resilience in Turbulent Times | Robert Wood

In this episode, Robert discusses with Caroline how big changes and organizational pivots can bring just as much opportunity as they do anxiety. He shares his perspective on how he guides his team through turbulent times, and what other leaders can do to support their people and help them pursue new ideas on how to work better together and achieve even bigger goals than before.
Feb 23, 2023