Find the Right Pentest Partner

The pentesting market can be broken down to three groups: Crowdsourced Software Security Testing Platforms, Traditional Consultancies, and Pentest as a Service vendors. Each differs in how it sources, vets, and connects pentesters with customers. Pentesting operations also work differently with each group.

This guide aims to connect you with the vendor best suited to you and bring you closer to finding, fixing, and preventing vulnerabilities. 


What You Will Learn:

  • What scenarios call for a pentest
  • What the market offers, categorized into three vendor groups 
  • What value each group brings to different stages of the pentest cycle 
  • Which option offers the best ROI for security programs as a whole
  • What criteria you should consider when reviewing specific companies (with a checklist attached)
"The main benefits that we get from Cobalt are speed, scalability, and repeatability. We’re able to quickly launch and execute pentests; and beyond that, we’re able to see individual findings in real time and relay them to the engineering team so they can start triaging immediately."
Eric Galis
VP of Compliance and Security at Cengage