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Metric models from the AppSec Trenches

Lessons learned from hundreds of pentest programs

The security market is littered with guidance on metrics that are never used and have zero practical value to an infosec practitioner. This ebook provides metrics forged from hundreds of pentests and application security programs.


What to Expect

Pentesting Metrics: Data from a Crowdsourced Pentest Platform is a valuable resource for security professionals looking to improve their security posture.
This comprehensive guide dives into the metrics used by top security practitioners, presents proven methods to track the effectiveness of your pentest programs, and identifies common program pitfalls.
This guide equips readers with the knowledge to optimize their cybersecurity strategies using data-driven insights from a crowdsourced pentest platform. Explore more topics such as:
  • Metrics used by top AppSec practitioners
  • Proven methods to track the effectiveness of your pen test activities
  • Common program fail points
  • Recommended program and engagement level metrics

Extra insights

Explore more with thoughts, perspectives, and industry commentary from the Cobalt team.